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Aiming to maintain a healthy online advertising ecosystem for maximizing website performance .

iSearch verified as one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners(GCPP) in Taiwan by approving from Google strict audit requirements. iSearch receives technique support and professional and official ads information in time from Google, as well as our proven expertise in services of yield, managed through Ad Manager, AdSense, AdMob, and related technical support such as AMP and PWA. iSearch could help your business thrive at the highest level.

We have abundant experience in website optimization; therefore, we can fulfill all client’s needs. Our professional team will help publishers manage inventory on both web and mobile devices. Moreover, we offer excellent ad solutions for publishers to optimize ad revenue and achieve traffic monetization. With data analysis and ad optimization strategies, iSearch can maximize website performance, generate impressions, and increase revenue for publishers.


Comprehensive management

Google Ad Manager, AdSense, AdMob, and related technical system help saving time from problems of yield management; therefore, publishers can focus on creating high-quality website contents.


iSearch specialized team, with professional training and abundant experience, are proficient in Google Solutions, such as AdSense, Ad Exchange, Google Ad Manager. Our specialists help publishers achieve traffic monetization and revenue maximization.

Latest News

iSearch keeps pace with Google to access instant technical supports and latest up-to-dated policies and products for publishers for handling all information in trend.


iSearch builds up partnership with more than 200 publishers in the market, and we success to expand their business and achieve the revenue maximization.


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